“Starting out so young, the idea of `fame`, to me, was for people who were much older - who had won Oscars or done amazing things,I always saw it as something of a much higher calibre. So many girls have become famous for literally nothing - other than falling out of clubs in shocking clothing or going out with a different person every week.”
-Bonnie Wright


“Aren’t we taught as kids that we’re beautiful because we feel beautiful and not because someone else says so? You don’t look like the model on the magazine cover but you can still be beautiful, so I can’t say I really want to change anything. I’m happy with the flaws I have.”
— Jeremy Renner

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when mulder and scully do that thing where they trust and repsct each other

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don’t date anyone who doesn’t think hawkeye is a valuable member of the avengers


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Anonymous whispered, "What's your major in college?"



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do you ever type a long rant and then at the end of it you select all of it and delete it because no one cares

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Baljeet: Boo! Boo, I say!
Phineas: Baljeet?
Baljeet: Oh, I am not Baljeet. I am the scariest thing known to man: a failed math test.
Phineas: Yeah, right. We’re just gonna move on now.
Baljeet: You can run, but it won’t be to the college of your choice, I tell you!

I used to think that this was an exaggeration

I was wrong

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let’s just appreciate the new outfit.

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Watch Our Most Beautiful Celebs Read Nice Internet Comments. (x)

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